The Bee Corp.

Product Design
Project Overview
The Bee Corp. delivers insights and data that helps beekeepers and growers maintain healthy bee hives. The Bee Corp. came to me with a simple task, design a solution that customers can use without spending a ton of money in development and programming. In other words, The Bee Corp. needed a minimal viable product that worked.
The solution was to create something that had the look and feel of a potential product, but could be easily edited and updated by The Bee Corps staff. It was very important for them to present a product to customers that functioned like a real web application would.

To accomplish this, we first needed to figure out what path the user would likely take. We then needed to figure out what the essential information we needed to present them with to help evaluate hive health. In addition we needed the final product's workflow to be easy on The Bee Corps' end. I couldn't build a solution that would take them too much time to update or that created a burden on their employees or business.

In the end, together with The Bee Corp., we created a product built using third party platforms. This allowed us to simplify the workflow for them and create a simple user experience through design for their customers. With this solution The Bee Corp. was able to prove their business modal by working with real customers and building revenue which is sure to help with future rounds of venture capital funding.
The Solution

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