The Bee Corp.

Product Design
Project Overview
The Bee Corp. delivers insights and data that helps beekeepers and growers maintain healthy bee hives. We needed to build and launch something quickly using simple design and low-code tools.

Design a simple way for beekeepers to see the health for all their beehives and prioritize at risk hives.
I first needed to figure out what path the user would likely take. We then needed to figure out what the essential information we needed to present them with to help evaluate hive health. In addition we needed the final product's workflow to be easy on The Bee Corps' end. I couldn't build a solution that would take them too much time to update or that created a burden on their employees or business.

To understand how beekeepers kept their apiaries healthy I suited up and went into the fields. I shadowed dozens of beekeepers to get a better understanding for the information they were searching for in the hive.

Key Findings
1. Hives were on many plots of land sometimes miles apart.
2. They were looking for things such as humidity, temperature, and sound to determine health.
3. Couldn't tell which hives were at risk without opening up—beekeepers want to limit amount they are interacting or opening the hive.
The Research
In the end, together with The Bee Corp., I created design built using no code products. This one in particular used a combination of Webflow and Airtable to give their users and customers the look and feel of a highly developed app. This also gave the Bee Corp. a way to test their assumptions in the marketplace.

The design let users quickly see all hives in an apiary at a glance and highlighted those that may have an issue. With this design beekeepers are able to see how all of their hives are doing, even if they are miles apart. The design also elevates the hierarchy of information that is important to them like humidity and temperature. It is also flexible enough to add data such as sound to give a wholistic view of hive health.

With this solution The Bee Corp. was able to prove their business modal by working with real customers and building revenue. They have gone on to raise over $750k in their pursuit of helping beekeepers.
The Solution

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