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Doriot is an app that brings startup investing to the people. Let's face it, investing in startups sounds great, but many people don't even know where to begin. Doriot is a trusted advisor when it comes to startup investing because they do the initial vetting for you.
Doriot's philosophy is that you should be continuing to invest in startups over a long period of time. The main goal is that a user reaches 25 companies invest. By investing in 25 companies you maximize your potential that one will win and cover the loss of startups that may have failed.

When designing the app there were two main considerations. First, we needed a user experience and interface that could help to build trust in Doriot as a brand and product. To do this I reduced the number of "flashy" design that the user interface uses. The idea is that by keeping a very clean interface and using patterns that many financial apps use we can reduce the time it takes a user to build trust. Diligence for a company was presented in an easy to interpret checklist that was both visually clear and began to build Doriot as a thought leader in evaluating startup investments.

Secondly, we needed to create a simple way for users to stay on track with investing in 25 startups. When a user logs into their portfolio he or she can clearly see their investment goals. The goal was not to make this seem like a game, but to clearly communicate that the best way to invest in startups is to invest in 25 companies rather than trying to find one that is believed to be a winning idea.
Startup Investing for Everyone

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